Ou le lapin me tuera (2003)

Conception and direction Julie Berès assisted by Valérie Malet

Construction of the space and props Laurent Morel

Lighting Michel Bertrand

Sound David Segalen

Video Christian Archambeau

Plastician Juliette Barbier

Outside eye Julika Mayer

Created and performed by Jocelyn Lagarrigue, Thomas Cloarec, Pascale Oudot/Agnès Joessel, Elsa Dourdet/Valérie Moinet, Laurent Morel


Executive Producer Cie Les Cambrioleurs

Coproduction Théâtre de la Marionnette à Paris – Le Théâtre Paris-Villette – EPPHGV La Villette

With support from AFAA

Somewhere between reality and chimera is the distorted world of K, in which we discover four characters, who fleetingly embody ephemeral fragments of identity. These figures are part of K’s personal mythology, his socio-cultural environment, or are figments of his imagination. They slip from one to the next, changing identities as they might their skin, their past. The space starts off empty, silent, gradually filling up with sounds, movements and images. These recomposed elements offer themselves as signs, free of all interpretation.