Grand-mère Quéquette (2004)

Direction Julie Berès, Alexis Fichet, Madeleine Louarn, Annie Lucas, Charlie Windelschmidt

Dramaturgy Alexandre Koutchevsky

Musical compositions Bérengère Labâcle, Jérémie Cordonnier

Set design Yannick Noblet

Video Wilhem Mastagli

Sound design Jimmy James

Text Christian Prigent

Created and performed by Marie Augereau, Farid Bouzenad, Jeanne François, Denis Lagrace, Monique Lucas, Delphine Simon


Coproduction CDDB-Théâtre de Lorient, centre dramatique national – Théâtre de Cornouaille, scène nationale de Quimper – Théâtre de Folle Pensée – Théâtre de l’Entresort – Cie Dérézo – Cie Lumière d’Août – Cie Les Cambrioleurs

In December 2004, Julie Berès, Alexis Fichet, Madeleine Louarn, Annie Lucas and Charlie Windelschmidt met at the studio of the Compagnie Dérézo in Brest to exchange ideas about what they liked to read. They decided to begin the collective adventure of adapting for the stage a novel by Christian Prigent, Grand-mère Quéquette.  “What interested us in this initiative was the creation of a theatrical laboratory: a community of artists who experiment with the ways of setting a novel for the stage. We are betting that the collective approach to these questions will significantly feed our reflection, change the way we see, sharpen our aesthetic. For each of us it is about committing to trying a new path which will affect our choices. Christian Prigent’s large body of work allows for multiple forms of exploration of language and directing for the stage.”