On est pas seul dans sa peau (2006)

Direction Julie Berès

Scenario Elsa Dourdet, Julie Berès

Dramaturgy Julien Fisera

Set Mathias Baudry assisted by Camille Riquier

Sound design David Segalen

Video Christian Archambeau

Lighting design Sylvie Garot

Costumes Aurore Thibout

Wigs Catherine St-Sever

Puppet David Girondin-Moab

Plastician Juliette Barbier

Body perspective Samuel Lefeuvre

Puppet perspective Julika Mayer, Cyril Bourgeois

Musical composition of Please baby Frédéric Gastard

Created et performed by Nadine Berland, Elsa Dourdet, Clémence Coconnier, Virginie Frémaux, Lucas Manganelli, Delphine Simon, Nicolas Sotnikoff


Executive producer Cie Les Cambrioleurs

Coproduction Le Parc de la Villette/Résidences d’artistes 2005 – L’Espace des Arts, scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône – TnBa théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine – Théâtre de la Madeleine, Troyes – Le Carreau, scène nationale de Forbach et de l’Est Mosellan – Atelier du Rhin, centre dramatique régional d’Alsace – Théâtre Romain Rolland, Villejuif – Le Groupe des 20, Théâtres en Île-de-France – Arcadi (Action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Île-de-France)

With a creation grand from DMDTS/ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – conseil général du Val-de-Marne

With support from DICREAM – La Fondation Beaumarchais – DRAC Île-de-France – L’Espace Périphérique, Paris

On n’est pas seul dans sa peau is… An invitation to follow the mental journey of a woman named Rose, whose memory and identity are falling apart. It is a journey in which time mixes together, falls apart, becomes confused. Rose lets us into the labyrinth of her buried memories in which we experience floods of images, shreds of life, fragments of formidable or stunning memories. Frame by frame, the different stages of life echo each other, joys and setbacks intercut: setbacks but also moments of absolute joy, physical desire still felt by our sagging skin. An interior wandering, the echo of the self facing the self, the presence of the other as if it was the self. Three performers play Rose at three stages of her life: childhood, maturity and old age. On nest pas seul dans sa peau walks the fine line between reality and that which we perceive, which may of course be quite distant from that reality. Our reality is in fact only illusion. We present and show the lie. On nest pas seul dans sa peau includes twenty creators, performers and sociologists who are interested in examining the many aspects of identity, the mechanisms of memory and the unconscious. Interested in developing a sensorial form, built with polyphonic language, in which narration may explode without being lost, layered with voices, images and sounds which resound and reflect each other.




“In her newest work, Julie Berès explores, with immense tact and a layered poetry, the many parts and perspectives in the aging process. Eminently poetic and quite political.”

Mouvement, Jean-Marc Adolphe, December 2006

“Sensitive and unique, this work by Julie Berès shows us a great deal using very little and adroitly calls up the familiar ghosts we cannot pretend not to know, all too well.”

Libération, René Solis, December 2007

“Julie Berès carves out a dreamlike, fantastic and chaotic piece about the problems of aging which affect the poorest and most disadvantaged people first. […] An aesthetically affecting examination of the ugliness of the frustration and the unsuccessful in life.”

La Terrasse, Véronique Hotte, October 2007

“Without an ounce of undue optimism Julie Berès builds a dream-like portrait of a woman and choreographs an interior journey in and out of the mysteries of a memory being lost, a major phobia nowadays. What remains of the identity which goes with it? Here, accompanied by tender and fantasmagorical acoustic images. And flashes of the lives of the elderly, revealed with a unique perspective.”

Télérama, Cathy Blisson, September 2007